Starting Your Travel Blog


Beginning a movement blog is the best choice I’ve at any point made.

Through this site, I’ve financed seven long stretches of full-time travel and picked up a book bargain for my movement journal, alongside a major New York City operator. I’ve been included in extensive daily papers, similar to the Wall Street Journal, the Independent, and the BBC. I’ve been met on the radio before a group of people with 1.6 million audience members. I make an agreeable six figures in altogether automated revenue, which means the cash comes in whether I’m working or not.

But, before beginning Never Ending Footsteps, I had zero written work involvement, had no clue how to run a site, didn’t generally comprehend what a blog was, and had never known about WordPress. I didn’t possess a camera. I’d quite recently moved on from school with a material science certificate and was completely aiming to dedicate myself completely to a profession in molecule material science — that is after I took a year-long round-the-world trek.

Folks, I’ve now been voyaging full-time for seven. cracking. a long time. That is seven long stretches of movement paid for completely through this movement blog.

Be that as it may, the accomplishment to me isn’t just about the cash, the book arrangement, and media notices.

Running Never Ending Footsteps has prompted extraordinary companionships with the absolute most intriguing and uplifting individuals I’ve ever met. It’s helped me vanquish my multi-year fight with nervousness and a dietary issue. I even discovered my beau of six years through my movement blog!

No doubt about it, I’d state beginning that this site was the best choice ever.

There are around seventeen bajillion articles depicting how to begin a movement blog out there and I dithered tossing my take in with the general mish-mash for a long time as a result of it. Subsequent to perusing a few of these articles and flinching my way through them, however, I couldn’t keep down. I needed to compose an article about how you can really set yourself up for the best odds of accomplishment. I need to demonstrate that you can manufacture a six make sense of business without offering. That you can be flighty and grasp your unusual quality and discover a network of individuals who cherish you — while emptying cash into your investment funds.

You don’t have to do what every other person is doing — truth be told, I prescribe currently evading it. In a space so swarmed as the movement blogging world, you should emerge and that is the reason my guide is the one you ought to take after. It’s one that is based around what will give you the best odds of accomplishment in 2018.

Here are the means by which to begin a movement blog:

Locate the ideal name to suit your identity.

Set up facilitating for your blog.

Introduce WordPress.

Figure out how your blog’s dashboard functions.

Download a kickass subject.

Plan your logo.

Introduce these fundamental modules.

Begin fabricating your crowd and profiting!

Advanced migrant office in Laos

My movement blogging office in the 4,000 Islands, Laos — I paid just $3 a night to work in this loft for three days

Stage One: Coming Up With a Name for Your Travel Blog

Finding the ideal name is ostensibly the most difficult part of beginning a movement blog — it took long stretches of conceptualizing for me to at long last settle on Never Ending Footsteps. You have to recall that you’ll likely be known for your webpage name for the lifetime of your blog, in light of the fact that transforming it is an immense undeniable irritation. This is what I suggest remembering.

Figure out how to emerge: Names like Nomadic [name], Adventurous [name], Backpacking [name], [name]’s Travels and Wandering [name] have all been done to death, and it’s far-fetched you’ll discover accomplishment with them. It is safe to say that anyone will recollect Nomadic John when Nomadic Matt is so famous? Most likely not.

Bear in mind to take a long haul to see: Don’t call your blog Travel For a Year if your outing can possibly last more; don’t consider yourself The Thirty-Year-Old Traveler for a similar reason. Having a movement style in the blog name — like Backpacking James or Ruth Loves Luxury Travel could cause issues down the line on the off chance that you choose, for instance, you never again need to remain in dormitories consistently.

Keep it tasteful: If you’re wanting to in the long run wind up taking press outings or working with organizations in any way, consider how you’ll feel while giving over your business card or pitching for an excursion. “Hello, I run the effective travel blog, “Sex, Drugs, and Travel” won’t really establish for the best first connection. Envision acquainting your site with the CEO of a visit organization to check whether it feels right.

Make the URL as simple as conceivable to recall that: I’d stay away from a site name that contains more than around four or five words, and I’d likewise prescribe against utilizing hyphens since they make it dubious to depict your site deliver to individuals. Envision being on a digital broadcast and saying, “my website is travel hyphen like hyphen a hyphen nearby,” or, “my webpage is Travel Like a Local with hyphens in the middle of each word.” Most bloggers I know with hyphens in their URL has come to abhor it.

Ensure the .com area name is accessible: It’s not that vital, but rather individuals are so used to sites finishing with .com that may overlook some other space augmentation.

Look at the web-based life alternatives before purchasing the area: Before obtaining your space, ensure that the name of your webpage is accessible on each online life arrange you can consider. Particularly imperative is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s not the apocalypse if your picked site name is too yearn for a username, however, in light of the fact that you can alter it marginally. I’m footsteps on everything except for Facebook, for instance.

How Could I Choose Never Ending Footsteps?

I settled on Never Ending Footsteps for the name of my movement blog since it’s one that can develop with me. It doesn’t connect me to a specific travel style, a particular age, or length of excursion. I needed to pick a site name that did exclude my name in light of the fact that — thinking long haul! — it is less demanding to offer my site some place down the line on the off chance that it wasn’t fixing to me as a man. At last, I preferred that, while Never Ending Footsteps brings out a feeling of movement, I could possibly progress it into something unique in the removed future. Endless Footsteps would function as a name for a climbing blog or a self-improvement website, for instance.

Stage Two: Setting Up Hosting

Facilitating was the scariest part for me since when I began I had no clue what it even was. Luckily, it’s speedy and simple to get everything set up. What’s more, energizing news time! I’ve connected with Bluehost and inspired them to consent to give perusers of Never Ending Footsteps a markdown on their facilitating! When you utilize this connection, you’ll pay just $2.95 multi-month, instead of $7.99.

I’ve attempted and paid for four distinctive spending plan facilitating organizations throughout the years, and Bluehost is the one I suggest.

Bluehost is one of the least expensive choices, their live visit bolster group are useful and can more often than not settle issues inside minutes, and — reward! — you’ll get your space name (the URL of your site) for nothing. Setting it up should take you under ten minutes.

Go to Bluehost’s landing page. This is the thing that you’ll see:

Bluehost join screen for promotion estimating

Hit that green catch that says “begin now” and you’ll be diverted to a page delineating their diverse facilitating plans:

Bluehost plan determination for promotion estimating

As you’re simply beginning, I prescribe the least expensive arrangement, for $2.95 every month. Now, you don’t have the foggiest idea about what will occur with your site not far off, and you can simply redesign anytime when your site begins to take off. Hit select on the starter plan and you’ll be sent to the accompanying page:

Bluehost join screen for area name

Except if you’ve just purchased an area name, type your picked blog name into the case on the left and snap straightaway. Check the name on various occasions for spelling blunders! Presently check it once more. You wouldn’t trust what number of individuals enroll a space name with a spelling botch in it.

On the following screen, fill in your name and address, and afterward your bundle data. This is what I generally pick when I’m beginning another site:

Bluehost bundle data and installment screen

I suggest beginning with the three-year plan. It works out to be $2.95 every month as opposed to $5.95 multi-month for the year plan, sparing you nearly $50 over those three years. Without a doubt, putting resources into your blog is a major duty, yet in the event that you’re intending to construct a fruitful one from the earliest starting point, it’s vital to get into the correct outlook. On the off chance that you go into it supposing despite everything you’ll be running your site in three years, you’ll probably get it going.

At long last, fill in your installment data and you’re ready!

Bam! You’ve now set up your facilitating and area name — simple, isn’t that so?

Stage Three: Installing WordPress

Since you’ve agreed to accept facilitating, it’s a great opportunity to introduce WordPress. Subsequent to finishing your Bluehost buy, you’ll be approached to pick your watchword for WordPress.

Bluehost secret key

Bluehost secret key

Bluehost will then request that you pick a topic that interests most to you. Try not to put excessively thought into this — it’s not lasting; it’s only a placeholder until further notice.

Bluehost topics

After you’ve picked a topic, hit that catch that says begin building, and it’s a great opportunity to, um, begin building!

Bluehost begin building

Next, you will be asked whether your site is business or individual. You will need to in the end have a movement blogging business, so obviously you should tap on business (energizing!)

WordPress Bluehost

Fill in your site’s name and motto in the cases that show up on the screen. Once more, don’t stress excessively over the trademark — you can change that as you play around with various thoughts for your site.

Bluehost set up

You will need to choose yes on the following screen.

Bluehost join

Pick a static welcome page